Why Visual Assets Work Better Than Infographics – Whiteboard Friday


When done correct infographics can be very beneficial in relaying a lot of difficult to process information in a easy to consume format. However many infographics end up being implemented for quick SEO benefits.

In todays Whiteboard Friday Rand explains why visual assets can be more effective than infographics if used correctly.



  1. i guess I don't understand why the pie chart on the right is more effective then the pie chart in the "inforgraphic" on the left (other then the enthusiasm you sell it with (not being snarky))  – maybe i just need more detail/explanation then you can in a 6 minute video.  I'm considering adding statistical information to a few videos I'm working on, so I'm trying to figure out what the most effect way to do that would be.

  2. Infographics are great for desktop users, I think. Mobile users skip infographics, I mean, try to read a PDF infographic, or worse, a jpeg one, on a 5'' screen, with font size as small as an ant… and I do agree with Rand, they are overused…

  3. How do you realize value from the visual assets you make? Surely time is everyone's most valuable concern, so how are you getting an ROI with you assets? Thanks in advance. Nice Shirt

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