Brand Storytelling: What Makes it so Compelling?

“Brand storytelling is about connecting the outer value the brand provides to the inner values of the customer. There must be a deep affinity between the two or the relationship is just a transaction.”
Thomas Dawson

Why Storytelling is so Compelling

According to author Robert McKee (2003), the best way to persuade someone is by telling a compelling story. “In a story, you do not only weave a lot of information into the telling but you also arouse your listener’s emotions and energy.”

In his paper, Woodside explains that when elements in the story mesh with those in the viewer’s own life experience, they can automatically evoke awareness, comprehension and empathy. These elements could be actions, attitudes, locations, decisions or conclusions. The more that are incorporated into the story, the more places the story can reside in memory.

“Consequently, we are more likely to remember a story [vs. a lecture] and to relate the story to experiences already in memory,” he writes. “The more (elements), the greater the number of comparisons with prior experiences and hence the greater the learning”


The Drivers Of Brand Storytelling Strategy

Thomas Dawson discusses three drivers of brand storytelling strategy: purpose, method and opportunity, and how they work from both the brand and customer perspective. He notes that these drivers work in parallel with the stories customers tell to the tribe and stories brands tell to the tribe.