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Guest Post: Target has Early Back to School Ads for ALL kids to Enjoy

Forbes posted an article on Target this week discussing how Target is looking to a cause-related campaign to kick off the back-to-school season and boost awareness of its Up & Up brand.

up and up

The company recently shared ads such as this one to promote their back to school campaign for their Up & Up line of products, while also using cause marketing efforts by helping students in need.

The retailer will give one Up & Up brand school-supply product to a student in need for each Up & Up school supply purchased between July 13 and August 2. Ultimately, Target hopes to donate $25 million worth of supplies to the Kids In Need Foundation — a goal it will be tracking and updating consumers on throughout the campaign.

Target plans on using social media to connect with consumers on fundraising milestones that are reached during the campaign. A Target spokeswoman, Jenna Reck stated this was the first time Target has tied a cause marketing campaign to back to school. This particular campaign was inspired by Yoobi, a new school-supplies brand exclusive to Target.

The Up & Up brand sold at Target is relatively new to the school-supplies category and building share, Rick stated in the Forbes article.

The program will be supported with TV and print ads breaking on Sunday. In total, Target will air six TV spots and seven print ads this back-to-school season. Ms. Reck said the retailer’s overall budget for the back-to-school season is up from a year ago, though she declined to offer any specifics.

This Article on Cause-related marketing heightens the public awareness of both the company and the charity. This is stated by Debra Neville, Director of Marketing for J.D. Associates, in a blog post.

Neville listed six business benefits for retailers who employ cause-related marketing:
– Directly enhances sponsor sales and brand;
– Cause-related marketing is a respected and accepted business practice;
– Heightens customer loyalty;
– Boosts a company’s public image
– Helps build employee morale and loyalty; and
– Improves employee productivity, skills and teamwork.

Do you feel the timing of the campaign will pay off for Target since they are ahead of the game? What about in terms of having a successful campaign not only for increased sales in this category, but also for donating school supplies to those in need?

It is a little early for school supplies, since it’s only the middle of July, but the early bird gets the worm, right?