HowTo: Use Schema Markup to Boost Your Rankings Overnight


The new advice for content writers is: write for your visitors, and let Google worry about the rest.

It’s not bad advice. In fact, that’s what the writer should do. However, SEOs can, and often should, optimize that content further.

Even if you write all your content yourself, you need to play the parts of both the writer and the SEO.

How can you optimize your content further?

One main way, that is heavily underutilized, is through Schema Markup.

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Schema Markup Gives You an Edge

Every little edge you can get when it comes to SEO can be the difference between a bit of search traffic and a ton of traffic.

That’s why it’s so important to take advantage of opportunities such as schema markup once you find out they exist.

Schema markup can lead to rich snippets, which will give you an instant boost to your organic search traffic.

If you read every word in this post, then you know what schema is and how to implement it on your site(s).

I encourage you to apply it on a small scale first and then adapt it on a larger scale if you’re happy with the results.

Neil Patel


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