Digital Natives vs Digital Immigrants: Is the Digital Divide the New Generational Gap?


A Generation on Fast Forward

A generation called Digital Natives, or NetGeners have been immersed in digital technologies from birth, and there’s growing evidence that they are being affected in ways that were unheard of before computers and the Web. Their parents, on the other hand, a generation of so-called Digital Immigrants, are still getting accustomed to their increasingly hyper-connected world.
Learn more about these two digitally connected generations:

Source: Edudemic on Pinterest
Source: Edudemic on Pinterest


Just What Makes a Digital Native?

“For starters, they take technology for granted,” says author Marc Prensky. Hear more from him in the PBS videos below where he expounds on this new breed [External Link].



PlayList: Digital Natives vs Digital Immigrants

I compiled this playlist with video that pits the Digital Native against the Digital Immigrant to determine just how wide the digital divide is:





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