Storytelling: The Power of Telling Stories | by James Wedmore


James Wedmore on the power of storytelling to connect with your audience, and the five different types of stories you can use.

“There are five different types of stories that you can use to better engage and connect with your customer.

Number 1: The personal journey

Now for your business product or service exits because the personal experience that you have will make sure to tell it . Maybe it was a decision to solve a problem or a light bulb and went out in your head that leads you to create the business that you have today. That’s the type of story that people love to hear and wanna connect. It not only demonstrates the solutions and the benefits of your product or service it effortlessly shows why you’re the one disqualified to solve that problem.

Number 2: Overcoming great Obstacles.

We all love that hero’s journey struggled, dont we? Have you or maybe one of your customers overcome the impossible just to achieve a goal. Of course we all have we’ve all experienced obstacles in hurdles that we’ve had to overcome an order to get to where we are today that’s why when you share your struggles, it’s so easily relatable and who knows maybe the challenge that you overcame years ago is the exact same challenge that one of your customers is experiencing right now and your video, your story and your message might just be the thing that inspires them to solve their problems.

Number 3: The fable

Now fable is simply a short fictional story, that personifies maybe animals or animate objects of some sort in order to share or get across powerful message seen or more. All great speakers, author and leaders use the fable or fictional story in order to teach a moral or a lessons. And a great example of this is the classic book who moved my cheese?

Number 4: An Inspirational Story

Did you know that over a hundred and twelve million copies of chicken soup for the soul have been sold or why is that? It’s simply because people want to be inspired, they grave that feeling of knowing that the impossible can be possible.

Look around you from famous athletes movie stars and even your past customers there are inspiring stories all around us and we need to be told and lastly,

Number 5. A story of Warning

One of the most powerful human motivators is our desire to avoid pain this is why everytime you turn on the six o’clock news that seems like the sky is falling most people are hardwired to believe that being in the now out the bad news well actually keep them safe but maybe there’s something we can learn from these newscasters do a vital information that your customer needs to know that could save them a lot of time or money, shouldn’t share it? Absolutely! Well, they you have it there are five different styles of stories that you can instantly need into any of your next videos blog post or anything else you doing to interact and engage with your audience and here’s my homework for you on a piece of paper I want you to write down a list of all the elements, qualities and attributes in your life that you can consider story worth it. These is anything from moments A time in your life where you saw up a little changed and it wasn’t idea and i high moment or struggle even you fired and was the day did you first thing on the internet, write all these things down and I want you also to write down anything else that makes you unique, maybe it’s a certain hobit that you enjoy it maybe your pet’s, your kids, where you live, what you drive, what you do uniquely and differnetly and once you have all these things down piece of paper you can start to see how you can incorporate even one of those things you can just five seconds of one of those things, into your next video.

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