Search Engine Optimization: A 21 Point SEO Blog Post Checklist

SEO Blog Post Checklist

This SEO Blog Post Checklist by @FeldmanCreative outlines 21 techniques that aim to help you make serious progress toward getting your content more discoverable via search and social media – and, just as importantly, get them read and shared more. It is organized in three sections, which cover:

  • 5 ways to optimize a blog post for SEO
  • 10 tactics to help engage readers and realize greater success with social media
  • 6 elements that will embellish your blog posts and inspire readers to spend more time on your site

SEO Blog Post ChecklistThe SEO Blog Post Checklist is based on a post by  Andy Crestodina of Orbit Media: Web Content Checklist: 21 Ways to Publish Better Content, where he discusses the three ways you can optimize your web content and crank up your rank.

  1. Indicate the relevance of your article to the search bots.
  2. Tap human psychology to increase clicks, reads, and social shares.
  3. Feature compelling media to improve the quality of your content