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Internet Advertising: Click Here

If you feel like you’re being stalked by internet ads when you surf the web, you are. Revenue from internet advertising reached $11.6 billion in the first quarter of 2014, according to a report released by the Internet Advertising Bureau. The method is paying off for companies, but for consumers, the experience can feel like an encounter with a traveling salesmen on steroids.

You might relate to this experience if you’ve ever visited a website then left the page to visit a different site, and an ad appeared from the site you previously visited. Retargeting is the term used to describe the method of using cookie-based technology to monitor the web activity of visitors.

This technology allows companies to keep their brand in the minds of potential customers. If you visit a site but don’t make a purchase, a company can use retargeting to remind you about their brand, in hope of securing you as a customer later on.

Internet advertising is one method that companies use to deliver messages about their brand, products, or services. Gartner revealed findings that companies have increased their digital marketing budgets creating a larger demand for online advertising avenues.

The extent to this method is effective has been debated by some but the message companies have sent is clear. They aren’t showing signs of backing down any time soon, which means consumers can expect to see new and innovative approaches to internet advertising in the future.

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