Inbound Marketing Glossary: N

the ultimate inbound marketing glossary
Scheme to help website users understand where they are, where they have been, and how that relates to the rest of your website. It is best to use regular
HTML navigation rather than coding your navigation in JavaScript, Flash, or some other type of navigation which…

News Feed Optimization

News Feed Optimization =Facebook filters the posts that people see in their news feed


Originally a company that created a popular web browser by the same name, Netscape is now a social news site similar to See also:…


A topic or subject which a website is focused on. Search is a broad field, but as you drill down each niche consists of many smaller niches. An example of
drilling down to a niche market search search marketing, privacy considerations, legal issues, history of, future…


Attribute used to prevent a link from passing link authority. Commonly used on sites with user generated content, like in blog comments. The code to use
nofollow on a link appears like <a href=””…