Matt Cutts on the Top 5 SEO Mistakes


In a 2013 Webmaster video, Matt Cutts, head of Google’s web spam team, listed the top five SEO mistakes many webmasters make. He noted that, while not the most devastating, these are the most common mistakes.

  1. Having no website or having one that is not crawl-able – this is the biggie.
  2. Failing to include the right words on the page. MCutts says: don’t just write, “Mt. Everest Height” but write, “How high is Mt. Everest?” because that is how people search.
  3. Thinking “link building,” rather than thinking “compelling content.”
  4. Forgeting to pay attention to the title and description of your most important pages.
  5. Not using webmaster resources, not bothering to learn how Google works or what SEO is about.

Here’s Matt Cutt’s Video:

What say you?