Emerging Thought Leaders: Jamelle Price


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Guest Post: Searching, Searching.

The internet has changed the shopping experience for customers. Companies in the past tend to steer away from storytelling. Storytelling carried a risk of harming inexperienced users. Customers are no longer looking through catalogs or window shopping; they are opting in for promotional email, liking companies’ Facebook pages for exclusive offers, and scoping the reviews and feedback pages of websites. Due to the “digital shopping age”, companies are no longer engaging the customers’ emotional sides. Companies are using technologies that are not created for storytelling. Storytelling is the best way to interact with the customers’ emotional side but many companies especially online companies are only focusing on the mechanics of online shopping.

Companies need to focus on why the product is being purchased by the consumer. This information can be use for storytelling. A Betty Crocker’s cake pan can be advertised as a mother making her baby’s first birthday cake or a group of friends making cakes for a bake sale. The use of the product has an emotional connection for the consumer. Thus, the company has found a way to connect their product with a story that resonates with their target audience.

The biggest way companies can use storytelling is by being sincere. Online companies should research their target audience and talk to their consumers, finding out their desires and goals. Companies can figure out how their product has been inspirational to them and relay their stories to the rest of their consumer base. Consumers are looking for relevant, useful, and authentic content when shopping.

The infographic below provides some tips that businesses can use as they look to develop storytelling as a business tactic.





































Do you think storytelling is needed for all businesses? Or is this tactic only for certain businesses in certain industries?

What say you?