The Internet of Things Connects the Future of Business | Brian Solis


The Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the most incredible feats of modern technology. With the right vision and architecture, IoT will bring to life new possibilities and experiences. It’s also one of the most confusing and ambiguous. To make sense of it all and specifically understand how IoT applies to business, I assembled a short list of examples of companies successfully employing this new web in interesting applications.

Why is IoT so mystifying? First, it’s the name. The Internet of things doesn’t necessarily roll of the tongue. Second, it’s big. I mean, it’s everything that’s connected to the net, ranging from wearables to appliances to industrial equipment to cars. Yep, it’s more than your Nest thermostat, Apple Watch, FitBit, et al. There’s a reason Cisco refers to it as the Internet of Everything. That’s the thing. Anything and everything can connect to the Internet and share information with other devices, software platforms or direct to people. That information is dependent on the device, what it’s meant to do and also what it’s intended to communicate.

For example, GE manufactures jet engines that send operational information to a cloud-based software platform that aviation engineers can monitor and study to gauge, streamline and improve performance. But that’s just one instance in a vast sea of diverse business applications.