In-page Analytics

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In-Page Analytics

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In-Page Analytics enables you to make a visual assessment of how a visitor interacts with your web pages. Beginning with your homepage, you see what link the user clicked. It helps assess:

  • Whether the layout is optimal is for what you want users to accomplish on the page
  • Whether your visitors are seeing the content you want them to see
  • Whether visitors are finding what they are looking for on the page
  • Whether your calls to action are motivating or visible enough
  • What links your visitors are clicking

You can navigate In-Page Analytics the way the you navigate your site: just click any link on your homepage, and when the new page is loaded, the corresponding data is shown for that page.

Additional benefits of this report include:

  • Support for segments and date comparisons
  • Support for image maps, so you can create a separate tag for each link-able part within a single image
  • Information about the portion of your page that is visible without scrolling

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