Inbound Marketing Glossary: G

the ultimate inbound marketing glossary


Google Advertising Professional is a program which qualifies marketers as being proficient AdWords marketers. See also: Google Advertising Professional


The world’s leading search engine in terms of reach. Google pioneered search by analyzing linkage data via PageRank. Google was created by Stanford
students Larry Page and Sergey Brin. See also Google corporate history Google labs – new products Google is…

Google Base

Free database of semantically structured information created by Google. Google Base may also help Google better understand what types of information are
commercial in nature, and how they should structure different vertical search products. See also: Google…

Google Bombing

Making a pank rank well for a specific search query by pointing hundreds or thousands of links at it with the keywords in the anchor text. See also: Google
search: miserable failure – shows pages people tried ranking for that search…


Google’s search engine spider. Google has a shared crawl cache between their various spiders, including vertical search spiders and spiders associated with
ad targeting. See also: Google’s crawl caching proxy Google AdSense (see AdSense) Google AdWords…

Google Bowling

Knocking a competitor out of the search results by pointing hundreds or thousands of low trust low quality links at their website. Typically it is easier
to bowl new sites out of the results. Older established sites are much harder to knock out of the search…

Google Checkout

Payment service provided by Google which helps Google better understand merchant conversion rates and the value of different keywords and markets. See
also: Google Checkout

Google Dance

In the past Google updated their index roughly once a month. Those updates were named Google Dances, but since Google shifted to a constantly updating
index, Google no longer does what was traditionally called a Google Dance. Major search indexes are constantly…

Google Keyword Tool

Keyword research tool provided by Google which estimates the competition for a keyword, recommends related keywords, and will tell you what keywords Google
thinks are relevant to your site or a page on your site. See also: Google Keyword Tool – tool offering all…

Google OneBox

Portion of the search results page above the organic search results which Google sometimes uses to display vertical search results from Google News, Google
Base, and other Google owned vertical search…

Google Sitelinks

On some search results where Google thinks one result is far more relevant than other results (like navigational or brand related searches) they may list
numerous deep links to that site at the top of the search…

Google Supplemental Index

Index where pages with lower trust scores are stored. Pages may be placed in Google’s Supplemental Index if they consist largely of duplicate content, if
the URLs are excessively complex in nature, or the site which hosts them lacks significant trust.

Google Traffic Estimator

Tool which estimates bid prices and how many Google searchers will click on an ad for a particular keyword. If you do not submit a bid price the tool will
return an estimated bid price necessary to rank #1 for 85% of Google’s queries for a particular keyword….

Google Trends

Tool which allows you to see how Google search volumes for a particular keyword change over time. See also: Google Trends

Google Sitemaps

Program which webmasters can use to help Google index their contents. Please note that the best way to submit your site to search engines and to keep it in
their search indexes is to build high quality editorial links. See also: Google Webmaster Central – access…

Guestbook Spam

A type of low quality automated link which search engines do not want to place much trust on.

Google Website Optimizer

Free multi variable testing platform used to help AdWords advertisers improve their conversion rates. See also: Google Website…