Just in time for 4sqDay, Foursquare has launched a new “Your Year in Check-ins” tool for users to visualize their check-ins. It shows the massive amounts of data Foursquare has about where we go and how those places are connected.

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The tool offers four views of your check-ins from the past year:

Time: Your check-ins are grouped by category and shown linearly on a timeline from last April to today.
Category: Check-ins are grouped by category.
Connections: This view shows the connections between your check-ins. A line is drawn from each place to the place you visited next. Rolling over a place highlights its connections with others, with darker lines for the most common occurrences.

Random: A random jumble of check-in icons.
In any of the views, mousing over one of the icons shows the name and date of that particular check-in. Categories are color-coded to make them easy to differentiate.

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