The traditional customer purchase funnel is yet another casualty of emerging media: today’s customers neither enter nor exit the purchasing path at the same point. This has created the need for a “nonstop customer experience.”

Where previously customer took a linear path  and brands had more control over their own brand story, todays customer is more empowered, informed and dynamic. This diagram by Accenture demonstrates this point.


Customer path


Emerging Media and the New Customer Purchase Path

With the advent of mobile technologies have been transformative, particularly in empowering the customer the purchasing journey forever. Customers are increasingly empowered, more informed and always on


Customers now control their own individual purchasing paths, within and across multiple channels and devices.


Customers have access to increasing volumes of content: much of which is beyond a brand’s control.

Always On

Customers are continually connected, and have access to the brand’s various touchpoints. This calls for brands to create a consistent, compelling brand experience across multiple channels.