Internet service allowing a remote computer to log into a local one for projects such as script initialization or manipulation.


Classification system of controlled vocabulary used to organize topical subjects, usually hierarchical in nature.

Term Frequency

A measure of how frequently a keyword appears amongst a collection of documents.

Text Link Ads

Advertisements which are formatted as text links. Since the web was originally based on text and links people are typically more inclined to pay attention to text links than some...


Hosted blogging platform provided by SixApart, who also makes Movable Type. It allows you to publish sites on a subdomain off of, or to publish content which appears as...


Topical community based search engine largely reliant upon Kleinberg's concept of hubs and authorities. Teoma powers


Synonym directory search engines use to help increase return relevancy. Thesaurus tools can also be used as a keyword research tool to help search marketers find related keywords to target.


Tagging, tags (see Bookmarks)


Automated notification that another website mentioned your site which is baked into most popular blogging software programs. Due to the automated nature of trackbacks they are typically quite easy to...

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Right Person, Right Message, Right Time

Reaching the right person with the right message at the right time has long been the holy grail of marketing. The technology and data is tantalizingly close, and yet context and intent remain elusive. Personalized marketing is still wasted if it hits the wrong...

Presenting your Ideas

This is in the vein of my “How to Write a PowerPoint Pitch” cartoon a couple weeks ago. Presenters often apologetically refer to overly busy slides in their presentations as “eye charts”. If you ever feel compelled on-stage to apologize for showing an “eye...

Artificial Intelligence Hype

Marketers are increasingly excited about the potential of AI. L’Oréal chief digital officer Lubomira Rochet described a commonly shared sentiment: “I believe AI is as big a revolution as the internet itself. It’s going to power more of our interactions with our consumers, be it through advertising,...

How to Write a PowerPoint Pitch

The surest way to stifle an idea is to write a longwinded presentation deck about it.  PowerPoint, Keynote, and Prezi are powerful tools, but the power comes in how they’re used.  A weighty presentation deck can get in the way of the idea itself. The classic Mark...