Why do companies need keyword research?

Businesses these days simply can’t start a website, sit back, and watch the money roll in. The Internet has created a world where every marketer can be a publisher, every customer has a voice, and every company has an opportunity to carve out its own share of a particular market. With this level of online competition, those that fail to take the proper steps risk being lost amidst the noise.

Through keyword research and generation, companies can position themselves to not only improve their brands and become more visible to potential customers, but also develop a better understanding of their targets’ needs and pain points.

This eBook features tips and ideas from top SEO and online marketing minds like Outspoken Media’s Lisa Barone and Cyrus Shepard of SEOmoz. Inside you’ll find details and how-tos for putting together the ultimate keyword generation project for your business. Topics covered include:

  • A foreword from popular marketing consultant and blogger Kristi Hines
  • An introduction to the basics of keyword generation
  • Details on the goals and business benefits of keyword research
  • Solutions to some of the most common keyword generation problems
  • Additional process guides, checklists, and sample templates for customizing your project