Inbound Marketing Inbound Marketing Glossary: B

the ultimate inbound marketing glossary

Back Link

An incoming link from another Web site. Google uses back links in ranking pages because high-quality back links are essentially like citations or recommendations and can increase a Web site’s search engine optimization (SEO).

Banner Ad

An online advertisement that is typically placed above or below the body content of a page, positioned horizontally along the top or bottom of the page. They are sponsored ads companies choose to host on their Web site, often because the ad is relevant or complementary to the content on that Web page.

Banner Burnout

A condition occurring when a banner has been shown so often to the same visitors that the click-through rate has dropped dramatically. Rotating banner ads helps to reduce banner burnout.

Behavioral Targeting

The use of sophisticated Internet technology to track frequent and popular searches made by a person through his or her browser. The purpose is to deliver more relevant advertisements and links to the browser based on what a computer perceives to be the user’s interests and priorities.

Below the Line (BTL)

A type of sales promotion focusing on short-term incentives, usually targeted toward consumers.

Beyond the Banner

The idea that in addition to banner ads, there are other ways to use the Internet to communicate a marketing message. These include sponsoring a website or a particular feature on it; advertising in e-mail newsletters; co-branding with another company and its Web site; contest promotion; and, in general, finding new ways to engage and interact with the desired audience. Beyond-the-banner approaches can also include the interstitial and streaming video infomercial. The banner itself can be transformed into a small rich media event.

Billboard (BB)

In broadcast media, airtime (commonly 2 to 10 seconds in length) given to advertisers, generally those who purchase multiple commercials within a program.


A popular search engine created by Microsoft that was unveiled in 2009. was formerly known as Live Search, Windows Live Search and MSN Search.

Blind Link

A text or graphical hyperlink that does not clearly indicate where the hyperlink leads.

Blind Traffic

Web visitor traffic that is generated using blind links.


A specialized site that allows individuals to share opinions, stories, news and other forms of content. Blogs are generally similar to a daily journal, and users can subscribe to blogs using some type of RSS reader. The word “blog” is derived from the longer term “Web log.”

Body Copy

The text within a print advertisement that helps qualify or further explain the headline or subheads.


One or more paragraphs stating who you are, what you do, and how you do it, usually used as the introduction to a biography or conclusion of a news release.

Bonus Spot

A free announcement or commercial provided by a TV or radio station to an advertiser as “value-added” for buying paid advertising with the station.

Booked Space

The number of ad views for an ad space that are currently sold out.


The staff person at a TV, radio or cable program who responds to pitch letters when an appearance needs to be arranged, or “booked.”

Bounce Rate

Used to analyze website traffic. It represents the percentage of initial visitors to a site who “bounce” away to a different site rather than continue on to other pages within the same site.


The process by which the true character, attributes, values, message and purpose of a product, organization or cause is communicated and “burned” into the minds of the intended consumers. Successful brands repeatedly promote and differentiate their product, service, cause or organization in a meaningful and compelling way for immediate recall, positive association, and action by their intended targeted audiences.

Breadcrumb Navigation

A single line of text near the top of a page that shows the page’s location in the site hierarchy. It helps search engines and site visitors alike get a better understanding of the relationships between pages.

Broadcast Media

Television or radio.


See “Below the Line”.

Bus King, Bus Queen

A type of outdoor transit advertising designed for the outside of buses. As the names imply, a king is a larger ad than a queen.


A type of advertising unit that is smaller than a banner and usually placed in parts of a Web page where space is limited, such as in narrow columns on the left or right side of a page.

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